South Texas Baptist Association

Farrington Mission
 Please Vist the Farrington Ministries website for more information.
3625 Gager Street . Houston Texas 77093

  • CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTER (Open Daily) (Mondays, 6-8pm)

The Source for Women

The anchor of Farrington Mission is The Source for Women of Houston.  This northeast location (scheduled to launch in the September, 2010) will reach upwards to 200 unborn babies per month and could potentially reach upwards to 2500 women a year.  This Christ-centered facility aims at helping women make healthy choices about their unborn children.  There are many opportunities to serve as a volunteer at this center but you must go through “The Source for Women” directly. 

  • Clothes Closet (Mondays, 6-8pm)


  • ESL (English as a Second Language) (Mondays, 6-8pm)


  • Food Pantry (Mondays, 6-8pm)

This ministry currently offers food to needy families in the fifth ward and in the surrounding communities every Monday night.  The majority of the food comes from local churches and other organizations who collect specific items that are donated and dropped off or picked up.  The food is then sorted and handed out.  During the process, families are prayed with and spiritual needs are addressed.  Churches can get involved through food drives (see list), volunteering to serve at the mission, etc.  The point person for this ministry is: Staci Smith, 713-962-1735,


Food Pantry Grocery List

Canned tuna, ham, chicken, turkey - - 5 oz can

Dry beans (pinto, navy, kidney) - - 16 oz bag

Canned Soup, stew, chili - - 15-18 ox can

Peanut Butter - - 15-18 oz plastic jar

Canned vegetables (green beans, crn, peas, mixed veg.) - - 15 oz can

Canned tomatoes (diced or stewed) or spaghetti sauce - - 15-26 oz can

Canned fruit (peaches, pears, mixed fruit) - - 15 oz ca

Pasta (spaghetti, fettucini, shells, bow tie) - - 12-16 oz box

Mac & Cheese - - 5.5-7.25 oz box

Rice - - 16 oz bag

Boxed potatoes (mashed, scalloped, au gratin) - - 4.6-7.2 oz pkg

Cereal or oatmeal - - 12-21 oz pkg

Saltine crackers (in "sleeves", usually 4 sleeves per box) - - 16 oz box

Grape jelly - - 20-22 oz plastic bottle (Currently out)


* For safety reasons, we cannot accept open packages, damaged items, homemade food items,

items with expired dates, or items in glass containers.

Contact:  Sonny Hathaway, Executive Pastor -281-794-2020
Northeast Houston Baptist Church